UNC vs FSU Game in Tallahassee Jan. 4, 2016

We had such a great time in Tallahassee this year! We have over 50 people from all over Florida, Georgia, and Alabama join us for a fun Pre-game get together at Harry’s Seafood and Grill. We had  well over 200 Tar Heels from all over Florida, Georgia, and Alabama  join us at the Donald Tucker Civic Center to see our beloved Tar Heels give those Tallahassee boys a heart breaking win. We were able to watch history in the making as Brice Johnson outdid himself with a stellar performance we will not soon forget. We really showed that Florida Tar Heels are loud and proud! Can’t wait for next year when the football team will be in Tallahassee so we can get together to welcome our Tar Heels  back to Florida.

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