Tar Heel Service Day 2022: Beaches Emergency and Assistance Ministry

Oct 7-16 For this year’s Tar Heel Service Day we have chosen Jacksonville Beach B.E.A.M. as our service day project this year. Last year we raised $1,000 for Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital to help with the extra cost of COVID treatment and care. We thank each of you who contributed to that cause. I am always filled with gratitude for the generosity of our Jacksonville Carolina Club members. This year we will be collecting donations for Jacksonville Beach B.E.A.M.

Beaches Emergency and Assistance Ministry 

Founded in 1985 by representatives of local churches who received many personal appeals for emergency financial assistance, The Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry, or BEAM, was created to provide help in a coordinated way and to prevent duplication of services. Today the community support for BEAM has extended well beyond the faith community to include individuals, businesses, local organizations, and local foundations.

We envision a future in which no Beaches resident goes hungry or is haunted by the fear of eviction.

This is an especially timely opportunity to give, as many have struggled with affects of Hurricane Ian. Give what you can to support our community. No amount is too small. Giving is the Carolina Way. Click here for donations: https://securelb.imodules.com/s/1723/02-gaa/index.aspx?sid=1723&gid=2&pgid=7193&cid=11592