Why join the UNC General Alumni Association (UNC GAA)?

The UNC GAA is not just for alumni who graduated from UNC. Membership into the UNC GAA is for anyone and everyone who loves and appreciates all that UNC stands for. Why should you join? There are lots of reasons! Here are a few of my favorite:

1. Johnny tshirt and other discounts

2. Often get discounted prices and better seats at UNC events.

3. GAA Alumni Center

4. Become an official member of Tar Heel nation.

5. Provide Professional and Career resources.


What does the GAA do for our local club?  They offer valuable administrative support and organizational benefits. Through them we connect and coordinate with other Carolina Clubs & UNC Alimni, have a local club website, coordinate with departments at UNC (including the athletic department), help coordinate (and often help fund) local events (including atheletic events like the pre-game tailgate at the Russell Bowl game), offer trips all over the world, give Carolina Clubs swag to use at events (pompoms, stckers, tabletop decorations, balloons, etc), and many other supportive ways. They are basically the backbone that keeps Tar Heel Nation going. I know our club would not be at the point we are today without their help, encouragement or support.  Consider joining today! Click the link on this page and it will take you to the registration page. They have multiple payment options and plans, so pick the one that’s best for you. Now is the time to become an official member of Tar Heel Nation!